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Database Queries for mpstruc

There are other ways of viewing the data in the mpstruc database besides the hierarchical view presented on the main mpstruc web page. Here, we provide a list of queries on the database, some of which provide tables with sortable columns. Some of these queries may take a few moments.

If you need a data view that isn't available via the text search capabilities on the mpstruc main page, or the queries provided on this page, please let us know about it, and we'll see if we can add it to the suite of queries provided here. Send comments and suggestions to

An XML representation provides a convenient machine or human readable format of the data table, and allows you to build software tools to consume it as you see fit.

If your browser doesn’t directly display a nicely formatted XML page, it should provide a "view page source" menu selection that will. It should also provide a "save page" option so that you can download the XML formatted data.

If you’re not familiar with XML and how to use it, a good source of information is available here.